Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Playing Catch-up

This is how I get so far behind in photo-a-day things that I can't catch up. I forget, day after day, until it's impossible. It's only three days this time, so I'm catching up and will try to be better.

December 5: Someone I Love

Yes, there are people that I love. Lots of them, topped by my fabulous family. But I couldn't pick just one, so for this day I chose Miss Peaches Elizabeth Jones. She is, without a doubt, the most blond dog I've ever had ... except when it comes to food. She knows where it is and what time she should get it. Ask her to "sit," however, and you get a vacant look that tells you there's nothing between her ears. And we love her to pieces! In case you're wondering, she's Pekingese, 8 years old, not at all obedient, and this was actually taken last summer when she had her short haircut. It has grown back (it's about 4" long) and she's a fluff-ball now.

December 6: Burst of Red

Photo taken into the sun. Don't say you couldn't tell ... I can see the evidence. This is in a corner of the back yard, to the right of the waterfall that goes into the koi pond. I can see it from the kitchen and have been admiring this burst of red for several days.

December 7: The View From Here

Since I was already by the pond, I just turned to the right and snapped a photo of the view from there. The fish semi-hibernate in the winter, so they're all hiding on the other side. We had big plans for the picnic spot, it's so pretty there. Unfortunately, it's also too windy, so we've used it maybe once in ten years. And the umbrella has never been up. Again, too windy.

So, there you go. Three days in December. Tomorrow's theme is "Shopping," and we probably will be, so hopefully I can stay on track.


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