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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Does Santa know ...

... if you cheat in a Photo-a-Day thing? Because I have to cheat today. I intended to take a photo of an elf when I went to Walgreens this morning, but there were too many people (all with some kind of problem) in line and I forgot. So, instead of that, I'm posting a poster for the movie "Elf" that I found online.

If there are lumps of coal in my stocking, we'll all know why.

In the knitting world, I have three projects in progress ... a sweater that will probably never be finished, a pair of socks that will be finished (eventually), and the "Crosswords at the Coffee Shop" shawl in memory of the designer, Karrie Steinmetz, aka KnitPurlGurl. For those of you not in the knitting world, Karrie was 38 years old, happy, positive, a good friend, and one of the really good knitwear designers. She died suddenly on November 28, apparently from a seizure, leaving a husband, children, and many broken-hearted knitters.

In the spinning world, nothing is happening. There has been a ton of quilting work lately, so I haven't had time to get to the wheel, or even a drop spindle.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the Rams are playing the 49ers today, and it's televised. I only get to see the Rams once or twice per season since Kurt Warner retired, so I'll get back to knitting and watch the game.


  1. I don't think it's cheating... if I were going to do photo-a-day, I might actually take the photo on the day it was supposed to be taken, but post a bunch all at once, maybe once a week.. but then I don't like fussing with photos every single day, would rather do a group at once... I'm just that way...

    I don't have a stocking, but if I got coal, I'd draw some pictures with it!