Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Pic-a-Day

Day 3: What you're reading:

Knitting catalog, L.L.Bean catalog, Crosswords at the Coffee Shop pattern, and on the Kindle, "Buddha in the Attic," which is about Japanese mail-order brides starting in the 1930s. Strange but interesting. Also reading a Tess Gerritsen medical mystery on the other Kindle. That one is waiting for me on the treadmill. Reading while I walk makes the time go much faster.

In Other News

I'm doing some custom quilting on a small, round table topper. I can't get the whole thing in the photo because it's rolled down to work on the top outside pieces. The center has two designs. The outside pieces are also getting individual patterns of pumpkins and leaves.

The first pattern set (24 rows) is done on the "Crosswords at the Coffee Shop" shawl. This is a knit-a-long in the Friends of KnitPurlGurl group on Ravelry in memory of the designer (KnitPurlGurl, Karrie Steinmetz) who died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 38 on November 26. I'm using Malabrigo Rios in the Azules colorway.

Other than delivering two finished quilts to Cozy Quiltin' for their owners to pick up, that's all the excitement for today. 


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