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Monday, July 26, 2010

On The Press

The artwork for the August issue of The American Rag is finished and in the hands of the printers. It should be in the mail by the end of the week.

This was a very difficult issue for Don because of the passing of Woody Laughnan, Sr., the creator of the West Coast Rag, which became The American Rag when Don took it over in 1995. In addition to the regular stories and columns, much of the issue is devoted to memories of Woody. Don't miss it!

On The Home Front

I've been mentioning to e-friends that I've been knitting and spinning this past week. Someone asked what, specifically, I was doing, so here is the answer.

This is the Mock Cable sock from WendyKnits' "Socks from the Toe Up" book. Don chose the yarn (Malabrigo #854 Rayon Vert), and I chose the pattern. I started them twice. The first time I adjusted the size up from a women's large by using #1 circular needles instead of the #0's called for in the pattern. The were coming out too big. So I unknitted them, rewound the yarn, and started over with #0 needles. The pattern and size both look better. There are a couple of mistakes. I'm cabling without a cable needle (the cross-over is only 1 stitch), and was knitting too tight, so I kept dropping stitches. I think that's fixed now.

This is natural Polwarth, and what little spinning I did during the week was with this. It's fairly fine, but will probably be plied. I'm thinking that I might want to try dyeing it with Kool Aid. We'll see what happens when enough of it is spun.

The next spinning adventure takes two photos, because I've barely started on it - for the second time. This is Merino/Tencel. I ordered it because someone in Ravelry's "Tour de Fleece" spun some and it was so pretty and shiny! Well, yes, it is. And slippery. And short. So drafting is an adventure. It can only be pre-drafted an inch or so without threatening to fall apart. And, of course, drafting while spinning is fun because it's slippery, and it drafts too far it comes apart. It also needs more twist, or it falls apart while you're plying it. Fun, fun, fun!

Since I have just started that, I took a photo of the pile 'o' fiber I'm working from. I love these bright colors, but the first thing I thoght of when I saw the photo was "modern day Medusa."

So, I'll be doing more of this later. Right now, I'm waiting for the gardeners to finish so I can let the dogs out. The carpet cleaner will be here in less than an hour, and they'll be locked in the office for quite a while. They really need to go out!!!


  1. Spinning is one of those things on my "will try one day" list. I know it will require MANY lessons!

    Love that sock pattern and the yarn you're using is gorgeous!

  2. I didn't know you could dye things with Kool Aid but I'm not surprised that you knew it. Orange Kool Aid perhaps?

  3. Having re-read this, I hope everyone understands that it was the dogs who were to be locked in the office, and not the gardners and carpet cleaner! ;^0

  4. So Wendy says we don't have to pick up the wraps?!?!? As I knit, I kept thinking, "what if I say to heck with it and just leave the wraps?" I need to knit with some guts! Yes, toe-up isn't scary at all but I need to be even more of a rebel.

  5. You don't have to pick up the wraps. They may show, but they don't have anything to do with the construction.

  6. I mean, when you do the wraps they're important to the construction, but not at the point of picking them up or not.