Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee

It's time for our annual working vacation in Mammoth Lakes, California. We arrived late Monday, July 12, to enjoy a day or two of adjusting to the altitude before the start of the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee.  Our new Circulation Manager, Jessica Drew (aka Eldest Grandaughter) is with us. Between her great-grandmother and I, Jessica has grown up with Dixieland jazz and so knows what to expect musicically. Our intent is to introduce her to some of the people and bands who are regularly featured in The American Rag.

Tuesday we visited Mono Lake, as we do every year, to see how the water replenishment is going. It was down again this year, although we spotted a couple of streams running into it that were previously diverted to the Los Angeles aquaduct. Still, it's a beautiful site and a natural wonder with its tufa standing guard and the Sierras behind it.

Tuesday night we went to hear the campers play at the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Camp. The American Rag is a sponsor of the jazz camp, and we try to visit the camp site at least once each year. This year was special, as we were able to introduce Jessica to "The Professors," the musicians who teach the kids how to play jazz. This year there are 37 kids attending the camp. Wednesday we'll visit the high school, where the actual instruction takes place. More on that later.

The jubilee venues are taking shape, with the usual white tents popping up all over town. We understand there will be some music tonight, but don't know what or where as yet. Hopefully, the Holler site will be open today so we can get our badges and jubilee schedules.