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Monday, March 8, 2010

Road Trip

And so we trekked to Monterey. We stopped in Bakersfield for gas at Arco and ice cream at Rosemary's Creamery. And in Paso Robles for Starbucks. Other than that, we stuck to the trail and took about 8 hours to get there.

We're "early to bed and early to rise" type people, so we don't get to see as many bands as some, but always manage to hear our favorites and, if there are any, the bands that we haven't heard yet. I'll leave this subject to Don in the April Issue.

There is one thing I want to show you, and it's almost not visible. At the 9:30 a.m. Sunday set with Jeff and Ann Barnhart, and Joe and Paul Midiri, the stage lights were blinding Ann and Joe so that they couldn't see their music. With those lights off, Jeff couldn't see his music -- and the audience could barely see any of them! One young man (a musician) in the audience supplied Jeff with a penlight, which he held in his mouth, aimed at the music. It was this kind of showmanship that earned Jeff the "Musician of the Year" title.

It was a great festival, as usual, and keeps its place as one of our favorites -- not only for the music, but also for the unbeatable location.

On The Home Front

My job on road trips, once navigation is handled, is to knit, crochet, or hand-sew quilt bindings. This trip involved finishing a knitted dishcloth and working on the Austermann Step socks. One is to the point of starting the heel gusset and the other is not quite there. These will be on hold for a bit, because .......

In today's mail were the 3AM Enchantments Petite KIP bag that matches the project bag that I made last week . . .

. . . and The Loopy Ewe Sock Club project for March! Now I know what at least one of WendyKnits' stealth projects was! The scarf pattern is cute, too, but I can't resist Wendy's socks.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some gorgeous wool to wind!


  1. Ahhh Monterey-you passed close to Ft.Ord too...hauntingly deserted...

    ooOO Loves the sock yarn, those will be nice, can't wait to see the finished products :)

  2. oooooH! I didn't know Fiesta makes sock yarn. Sounds like another fun trip.

  3. It's stories like that that make live music so great. There is so much that you can't experience from just a CD.