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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Diego Jazz Party

DEL MAR, CA. 2010 San Diego Jazz Party. Honoring Jazz Legend, Drummer Jake Hanna. Headquarters: Hilton San Diego/Del Mar. Guest Artists: Trumpet: Ed Polcer, Randy Reinhart; Reeds: Harry Allen, Houston Person, Antti Sarpila; Trombone: Dan Barrett, John Allred; Piano: Johnny Varro, Rossano Sportiello; Vibes: John Cocuzzi; Bass: Richard Simon, Nicki Parrott; Guitar: Howard Alden, Eddie Erickson; Drums: Jake Hanna, Joe Ascione, Ed Metz Jr.; Vocals: Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, John Cocuzzi, Nicki Parrott. Tickets: Patron badges at $220. Includes all events and Patrons’ Friday cocktail party, plus Saturday Jazz Brunch. Reserved table seating in the Hilton ballroom. Single-session tickets on sale as of Dec. 1, 2009. Contact Info: San Diego Jazz Party, 8959 Caminito Fresco, La Jolla, CA 92037-1602. 858-453-0846. Email: Web: Lodging: Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, 800-833-7904 or 858-792-5200. Ask for the $130 Jazz Party rate. This rate must be reserved before Feb. 5, 2010.

On The Home Front

Don just brought the mail in and my "Work in Progress" book has arrived from Interweave. I'm a little disappointed. For one thing, it's about a quarter of the size that I expected it to be. And from the description I had expected the blank pages and the charting pages to be together -- like, one on the left, the other on the right. Nope. The first half of the book has the blank pages and the others are in the back. I really expected more for the price. At least the cartoon on the cover is cute!

The manly socks are more than halfway done. One is complete and the other has something like 40 rows and the ribbing to go. The leg isn't as long as I would have liked it, but the yarn was running out and I didn't think there was enough for another complete pattern (10 rows). We'll consider these 'practice,' and do better next time.

The edging on the Aestlight is more than halfway. It's going slow because it's my mindless knitting project, the one I watch TV with. These projects need to get finished, though, because I have that Zauberball waiting to be made into socks for me! (We won't talk about the dozen or so other yarns waiting to be turned into something beautiful!) (And we never, ever, discuss my Wish List at Loopy Ewe!)


  1. Those socks are gorgeous! If they're too short for you, I'll take them off your hands.

    As for the book, is it the number of pages or the actual dimensions of the book that are smaller than you thought? I'm considering buying one--I think Franklin is sooo funny. I just love "It Itches."

  2. The socks are for DH, so they're too big for us (11" long, 10" around). Otherwise, I'd keep them for myself!

    I looked up the Interweave ad for the book, and it has the correct information -- it's my bad for being sucked in by the pictures. If you see it in a store, it's worth $9.95, if you don't mind the blank and charting pages being separate, but add tax and shipping and it's $16.68 -- too much.