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Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Summit Jazz Venue in 2010

Juanita Greenwood, festival director for the Summit Jazz event previously held each October in Denver, Colorado, announced a venue change for their 32nd staging, “The Summit Jazz 2010 will have a new hotel location due to the closure of previous location. Our new venue will be the Red Lion Denver Southeast located at 3200 South Parker Road in Aurora. Dates are October 1-2-3, 2010. Bands are The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, Titan Hot Seven, High Sierra Jazz Band, Alan Frederickson Jazz Ensemble, Ivory & Gold Trio, John Cocuzzi, Jeff Barnhart plus others to be announced. For more info contact, 866-883-2288, 303-670-8471.”

On The Home Front

Quilting work is starting to come in again -- I picked up six last week and have two weeks to finish them. The first one is on the machine now. There are appliqued hearts in every-other block and she wants the empty blocks quilted with hearts. It will need more than that to hold it together properly, but I don't know what the 'more' will be yet.

The Aestlight shawlette is still in progress. I think the edging from WendyKnits' "Exonumist's" shawl is working well. It's lacier than the edging in the Aestlight pattern. I still can't get the camera to take a good picture of it, the color is always off for some reason. The manly and girly socks are also still in progress. Both have had the heels turned and so have become boring. They will be finished, eventually!
And finally . . . if you want a dog that's more like a cat . . . get a Pekingese! Peaches is my third Peke, and they've all had this trait. At times I'd swear that she has cat genes. She has the attitude, that's for sure. Call her without food in your hand, and you'll get "the look." You know the look . . . the one that says, "Surely you don't expect me to move from this spot in the sun for nothing!"


  1. Cool! Alan Frederickson was a neighbor of ours, when we lived in Evergreen. Hopefully, we are in town during Summit Jazz.

  2. Do Pekes have the heat-seeking gene that causes cats to be so affectionate during the chilly months? Without that, they lose any appeal ;^)

  3. The color of that Aestlight is beautiful!

    And as a reply to my blog, Kool-Aid ain't Jello, it's a beverage-mix without sugar so it works great for yarn-dyeing.
    I love the Dala-horse yarn as well :)
    I sent Keri a real Dala-horse and she sent me back the needle-storage in Dala-horse-fabric as well as the yarn. I think we both are very very happy with our swap =)