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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jazz Art Wearables

Have you ever wanted a shimmy dress?  Or a cushion to save your chair while you dance?  I have both, and more fun "Jazz Wearables," thanks to Jeff and Bev Bishop and Racy Ltd.

Jeff and Bev set up shop at most of the jazz festivals and you haven't lived until you've shopped with them! Catch them at the Fresno, CA, Seaside, OR, and Monterey, CA festivals . . . and check the rest of their schedule here.

On The Home Front

The charity quilt is off the machine. I'll get it trimmed and bagged tomorrow and run it over to Cozy Quiltin' so they can pick it up.

I can "run it over" to Cozy because my little car came home today. I ran it into a curb last week and its front wheel was sitting more than a little sideways. You wouldn't think a curb could do that much damage. And, for the record, there was no cell phone involvement -- I reached over to the passenger seat to keep some postcards from falling off. Luckily, it happened a block from home. It's all fixed now, thanks to AAA, and back in the garage where it belongs. I love that little car and its turbo!

I did a couple of rows on the Aestlight shawl last night. There are eight more rows of Bird's Eye before I start on the edging substitution. I haven't compared the stitch count yet, but I'll be using the edging pattern from Wendy's Exonumist's Shawl. Wendy used this edging on her Aestlight and it's beautiful. I'm not sure why it photographs purple, when it's mostly reddish-brown.


  1. It's so much fun to drive a car with turbo--yours is so cute! Love the seat-saver cushion!

  2. the Aestlight shawl, LOVE the color, very nice!

    ah,ah, ahhhh, be nice to teh Bug-too CUTE!