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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Basque in Fresno

Don and I met in a Basque restaurant. Yes, really. It was at the afterglow party in Los Baños following the second Santa Nella Jazz Festival. Mom and I were at the festival because our friend George Probert had "asked" that we be there (he actually said "You will be there!"). We didn't usually go to afterglow parties, but we were on vacation and had a day to spare, so we went. The Swiss Firehouse Five + 2 band played at the festival and were invited to the party. With a tuba playing a waltz, Don asked me to dance. Eighteen months, and a lot of trips to Fresno later, we were married.

A couple of years ago we were at the Fresno Sounds of Mardi Gras Festival and someone told us about a Basque restaurant in Fresno. Naturally, we had to look it up. It turns out that there are two Basque restaurants in Fresno. You really should go -- it's fun and the food is fantastic! I believe this is the one we visited: Santa Fe Basque Restaurant and Bar, N. Maroa Ave., Fresno, CA.

On The Home Front

Today's job is a freebie. It's a charity quilt. I don't remember who it's for, but it's obviously not Quilts of Valor. This one is a bit of a chore. The quilt is nice, but the back isn't wide enough -- it should be at least 4" wider than the quilt on each side. This one is about 1-1/2" each side. I had to sew muslin strips to the sides so I'd have room to work. Also, the back had to be sewn together and pressed. The batting is polyester (I prefer cotton or wool), and came in a package. That's not always bad, but it does hide thick and thin spots.

Elmo says, "Stop complaining and get back to work!"

And Toto slinks away at the sight of a camera.


  1. Waltzing to a tuba--sounds like something from a romance movie. Very sweet!

  2. It was very different, especially considering party followed a jazz festival!!