Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Second Sunday Jazz Clubs

If you're looking for some inexpensive entertainment this weekend, check out these Jazz Clubs/Societies:

* Napa Valley Dixieland Jazz Society, Napa, CA - Jelly Roll Jazz Band - 707-939-9018.
* Monterey Hot Jazz Society, Del Rey Oaks, CA - Black Tuesday Jazz Band - 831-626-3146.
* Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, Sacramento, CA - Rent Party Jazz Band - 916-372-5277.
* Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society, Olympia, WA - Duwamish Jazz Band - 1818 4th Ave, Olympia, WA.
* Austin Traditional Jazz Society, Austin, TX - ATJS Jam Session - 512-451-6350.
* Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society, Pinellas Park, FL - Bob Leary's Neopolitan Six - 727-397-1875.

If your jazz club is presenting traditional jazz on a regular basis, and you don't see them listed in the blog, talk to them about advertising in The American Rag's club/society section!

On The Home Front

Today is lesson day at Cozy Quilt'n. I'll be working on the commission quilt that's almost finished. Hopefully, I can at least start the borders today, and finish the piecing next week. Here's a peek at the photo that's in the magazine the pattern is in:

I think this is the only other current project that hasn't been posted yet. It's a dark blue sock (darker than the photo) with a diamond pattern for Don. Sometimes diamonds are a man's best friend!

Last but not least, Elmo is finally getting the hang of sitting on the wider door of her new cage, but isn't too sure of what that camera-thing is in her face!


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