Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Many Out Of One (or Two)

While proofing Cam Miller's "Rimshots" column for the February issue of The American Rag, I found this:

Many Out Of One – Besides being a cracking good band, when the Titan Hot Seven is hired, a festival director has the option of hiring four other groups made up mainly of Titans: Ivory & Gold (Jeff and Anne Barnhart), The Jerry Krahn Quartet( headed by guitarist Jerry Krahn), The Usual Suspects (headed by trombonist Jim Fryer) and We Three (J. Barnhart, Coots and Jim Buchmann, unless Bob Draga retains the reed seat on a steady basis.)

He didn't mention that if the Blue Street Jazz Band was also at the festival, they'd have at least two more groups: JASM (Jeff and Anne Barnhart, Sheri Colby and Matt Bottel). And, of course, some of the Blue Streeters break off to form Blues Renditions (Sheri Colby, Jason Wanner, Sam Rocha, Nate Ketner, and Rich Canfield). Our traditional jazz musicians certainly are multi-talented!

On The Home Front

We had an unexpected visitor yesterday.

Several pairs of doves visit all spring and summer, and hang out by the koi pond and the bird feeder. We don't usually see them in winter. I don't think they migrate, but they don't winter with us.

Quilting class is one of the highlights of my week. I signed up 4 years ago when I retired, just to have something to do out of the house. Since then I've made some great friends and, even though I'll be slowing down with the quilts and switching to smaller projects, I'll keep going. Today I finished the commission quilt, which may be the last of the large quilts that I make, since we're trying to sell the quilting machine and I don't want to pay someone else to quilt them for me. Here's a piece of this one. It's 91" x 91" and will be backed with the darker brown fabric.

The Aestlight shawl is still going slowly, since I need to work on the socks, too. I think I'll work on it a bit now and will be posting another progress photo soon.