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Thursday, January 7, 2010

From the Ragtime Calendar

The Eau Claire Ragtime Festival starts tomorrow, January 8, and goes through Sunday, January 10. Here's the info from the Ragtime Calendar on Page 8 of the December/January American Rag:

Eau Claire Ragtime Festival, Eau Claire, WI. Carl Sonny Leyland, Ivory and Gold. Four concerts, sing-a-longs, food and root beer floats, Saturday symposia and silent films, 1907 timeline and vintage dress display, twin piano lounge, Friday dinner, Saturday dinner, Sunday buffet and Frigid Frolics farewell bash. (Info: 715-834-2668; e-mail

I suspect the list of artists is quite a bit longer than this, but we have a difficult time getting information from the Ragtime groups, so this was taken a month or two ago from the Eau Claire web site. Click on their link or give them a call to see if there have been any additions since then.

On The Home Front

There isn't much to report on the home front today. Don picked up his new glasses and is back to work. I'm going carpet shopping with Mom this afternoon. The dogs and birds are napping -- their favorite pasttime, other than barking. Yes, Elmo barks, too.

I have time to get in a couple of hours of transcription practice, if I get to it soon. And later there will be time to knit. Have a great day!