Adventures in the world of Traditional Jazz and Ragtime.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fresno in February

The Fresno Dixieland Society's Sounds of Mardi Gras jazz festival is coming up soon -- February 4-7. Bands and guest artists include Grand Dominion Jazz Band, Climax Jazz Band, High Sierra Jazz Band, Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz Band, Yosemite Jazz Band, Titanic Jazz Band, Devil Mountain Jazz Band, New Eldorado Jazz Band, Blue Street Jazz Band, George Probert, and Carl Sonny Leyland. There are several special events, including one of the finest Parasol Parades on the festival circuit. All four venues are under one roof at the Radisson Hotel. More information is available at 559-292-3999.

On The Home Front

The quilt, named "Wedding Quilt" by the pattern creator, is off the machine! 
The quilting was finished today and the binding sewn to the front. Now comes the hard part -- cleaning up any loose threads and 'nests' on the back and hand-sewing the binding. The quilt is 97-1/2" square, so that's 390 inches of hand stitching around all four sides. Still, if this one doesn't sell, I'll be glad to keep it!

In the e-mail today was a notice from The Loopy Ewe that I've won the lottery!! No money involved, other than what I'll send to them. It's the 2010 Loopy Ewe Sock Club lottery. They send a kit every-other-month during the year with patterns and specially dyed yarns. It's so popular, the have a lottery to choose members for the coming year . . . and I won! 

And finally, Peaches was awake when I went by with the camera. I tried to get one of Toto, but he saw the camera and ran. Just like kids, they drag their toys out and won't put them away!