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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Back-Alley Strutters

I knew there were quite a few jazz musicians on Facebook, and wondered if any of the trad bands had pages, so I typed in one of the band names. It didn't come up, but The Back-Alley Strutters did. If you know anything about The American Rag, you know that we're huge supporters of youth jazz camps, bands, and musicians. If you see a youth band listed at a festival, please try to catch a set. They really are good! Click here to visit and leave a comment for The Back-Alley Strutters.

The Back-Alley Strutters is a group of young musicians who have been playing together for two and a half years. They have performed from Chilliwack, BC, to Vancouver, BC and as far South as Sacramento, CA. All of the members have attended Jazz Camps and clinics. Each member has been recognized as "Jazz Stars of Tomorrow" by the distinguished Vancouver Dixieland Jazz Society.

BAND MEMBERS: Jeni-Rae Stacey - Trumpet,Vocals / Sarah Clay - Trumpet /Georgia Nelson - Clarinet / Daniel Northgraves - Tenor,Vacals / Dyllon Mitchell - Bass / Johnathon Sankey - Banjo / Josh Hill - Percussion

On The Home Front

Yesterday afternoon in quilting class at Cozy Quilt'n I continued with the construction of the three bags. Doing three at a time is pretty slow, so yesterday was devoted to ironing fusable fleece and interfacing to bag parts. Next week the sewing will start.

The quilting 'business' is picking up. This morning I finished a wall hanging for one of my customers and also received a quilt to do for a friend. Then, an out-of-area quilter that I've done work for before called to see if it would be okay for her to give my number to two of her friends. The saw her quilt and asked if I would do theirs also. Hmmmm . . . let me think about it . . . how soon can they get here?

This just arrived in the mail. I'm not sure what I'll do with them,  other than the Zauberball. I gave Mom some Zauberball socks for Christmas, and they felt so good I want some for myself. The silk will probably be a shawlette someday.


  1. The Regia Silk is yummy to knit with. I made the hubster a pair of fingertip gloves (i.e. no fingertips) out of it in black. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I'd love to invite the Back-Alley Strutters to the Sacramento Trad Jazz Youth Band Festival!