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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Almost Done

I'm happy to say that my work on the February issue of The American Rag is finished. All of the proofing is done, and the Coming Events and Want Ads pages are ready to go. Don is finishing up the major portion of the work (the other 39 pages) today and tomorrow, and it will go to the printer Sunday night. Every month we're amazed that we've done it again!

On The Home Front

The storms have passed and the sun is shining in a beautiful blue sky. The mountains are covered with snow and the view from our little hill is amazing. The one with the most snow is Mt. Baldy. Here's a bit of it from this morning.

You can tell where I merged the photos by the dark streaks in the sky. It was impossible to get it all in one photo. I stuck the camera's nose through the fence and snapped away.

I've been working on the manly socks, feeling guilty that I've let them go while I was working on the shawls. So, the Aestlight shawl is temporarily on hold while I work on these. The one on the right is ready to start the heel. The one on the left needs two more patterns (twenty rounds) before it's ready for the heel. I like to work the tricky parts at the same time, so I'll get the twenty rounds done and then do both heels.


  1. O look at those Sierras...I'm homesick now.. You really got a bunch of snow these last few storms, WOOT!

    Love the socks, what yarn is that?

  2. Not the Sierras, those are the San Bernardinos. The Sierras start about 90 miles north of here.
    The socks yarn is Heritage Merino Superwash

  3. The sock yarn is gorgeous! I love that colorway.

    Also, thanks for linking to my blog. I found you (backwards) through Sandra.